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High performance management committee

Applying the management principles of the Minicompany© model to the activities of the Management Team

Implement work and relationship dynamics to improve the performance level of the Management Team and to develop its management role beyond their functional responsibilities.

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  • Develops a systematic approach and common language for the activities of the Management Team.
  • Enables Management Team activities to be systematically managed, working as a team to deliver shared objectives.
  • Helps build Management Team unity of action, promoting a culture of excellence and continuous improvement.
  • Standardises management practices to improve managerial performance.
  • Promotes better understanding and practice of the managerial function.


  • Defining the operating framework for the Management Team, through training-action sessions.
  • Clarifying the mission and the value provided by the Management Team, as well as the competences they require to do their job effectively.
  • Identifying management processes and systems, with associated performance indicators.
  • Mapping out Management Team relations and communications channels with the different stakeholders of the organisation.
  • Supporting them in developing their personal skills and regularly assessing the performance and the way of working of the Management Team.
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