metodologia modelo industrial

Industrial model and production system

Improving competitiveness by adapting the organisation’s value stream to strategic needs

Drawing up a medium-term industrial vision, and an improvement plan to deliver it, based on an assessment to identify the shortcomings of the industrial area in achieving its objectives.

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  • Provides an insight into the reality of the organisation from the perspective of generating value for customers.
  • Generates industrial improvement plans linked to strategic needs.
  • Gives rise to improvement projects structured around a shared purpose.
  • Secures a high degree of engagement through self-assessment activities.


  • Conducting a Lean management self-assessment based on value stream mapping.
  • External analysis, conducted through interviews, strategic needs assessment and direct observation of the organisation’s operations at the shop floor.
  • Pooling and discussing the findings of the assessment report.
  • Mapping out the desired value stream and drawing up an improvement plan to deliver it.
metodologia asenta

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metodologia asenta

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