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Extended value stream

Integration of supply, distribution and manufacturing activities in an efficient overall value stream

Through the integrated design of in-plant (manufacturing) and inter-plant (external logistics) material flow, as well as associated information (planning and scheduling) flows.

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  • Drastic reduction in lead time.
  • Reduction of overall inventory.
  • Greater ability to react to changes in demand and reduction of the bullwhip effect throughout the value stream.
  • Lower overall cost (manufacturing + inventory management + logistics).


  • Analysing the starting situation and extended value stream map.
  • Improving the value streams (material and information flows) at each plant of the extended chain.
  • Improving inter-plant material and information flows.
  • Understanding and integrating the extended value stream.
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A Pull planning system halves lead time

Company defines a new value stream model by deploying production levelling mechanisms and using Kanban cards to streamline the information flow.
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