metodologia gestion innovacion

Innovation management

Definition of the framework required to integrate innovation into organisational management, thereby making it a key factor of competitiveness

Using the ASENTA model for innovation management, the main weaknesses of the organisation are detected and the necessary elements are developed to effectively and efficiently connect the changes in the environment with the market.

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  • Offers a comprehensive understanding of innovation.
  • Provides a system for innovation management.
  • Integrates innovation as part of the overall management of the organisation and enables it to be assessed.
  • Structures company innovation activities.
  • Defines the role of the organisation’s people in managing innovation.


  • Assessing and identifying the improvement required in innovation management.
  • Developing a system customised to the specific needs of the organisation.
  • Defining a process for developing new products and/or services.
  • Developing a culture of innovation in the organisation.
metodologia asenta

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