metodologia voz cliente

Integration of the Voice of the Customer (VoC)

Model to secure strategic feedback from the customer and their integration into company improvement

Listening first-hand to what customers (current, potential and lost) have to say, and setting up improvement projects to create value for the customer.

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  • Provides a pragmatic insight into the customer’s perception of products and/or services.
  • Directly involves managers and other people from different company areas in listening to the customer.
  • Helps identify real areas for improvement and consensus-based decision-making to undertake improvement actions.
  • Establishes a channel for systematic active listening to include strategic information from customers.
  • Contributes to developing a customer-oriented culture in the company.


  • Clarifying project objectives through active listening.
  • Properly organising the resources required for effective listening.
  • Going straight to the customer to find out their opinion, without subjecting it to third party interpretation.
  • Objective assessment of the main areas for improvement put forward by the customer.
  • Selecting and rolling out the improvement initiatives which provide the greatest value for the customer.
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