metodologia sistema comunicacion interna

Internal communication system

Improving the effectiveness and coordination of people’s actions contributing to company objectives

Acting on the factors which drive effective communication in an organisation, providing the required structured support and encouraging management styles and practices aligned to quality communication.

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  • Better overall performance of the organisation.
  • Higher degree of people commitment and motivation.
  • Reinforces organisational cohesion, flexibility and resilience.
  • Galvanizes the organisation, calling on everybody to contribute.
  • Improves mutual trust and people satisfaction.


  • Analysing the starting situation and the perception of communication held by people involved.
  • Identifying those elements which need to be strengthened and/or improved.
  • Drawing up a systematic formal communications map in the company.
  • Setting up an improvement plan.
  • Providing support in rolling out the required actions and assessing progress.
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