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Job descriptions

Designing roles and clarifying job interfaces

Establishing the operational framework and the responsibilities of each person in the organisation to roll out the business strategy.

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  • Provides an optimum organisational structure to put resources at the service of strategy and corporate culture.
  • Generates a sense of identity for all involved, enabling everyone to know what is expected of them.
  • Clear coordination between areas and jobs and defined criteria for decision making.
  • An instrument for setting objectives and performance appraisal.
  • Focuses people’s efforts on delivery of the overall optimum.


  • Providing clarification on the most functional organisational structure for grouping resources around the organisation’s strategic approach.
  • Deciding on those jobs or positions which support the development of the required organisational competences.
  • Designing what each job consists of, including expected outcomes and responsibilities.
  • Identifying the competences required for optimum job performance.
  • Determining the relations between the different jobs in the organisation, using a participative approach.
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