"I only have words of gratitude for the ASENTA team, who have taught me what management is really all about and supported me throughout my professional career. Finding a consultancy with a knowledge of process management such as ASENTA is a revelation for any manager. Personally, I consider them the best. Demanding but effective, direct and committed".


José de la Calle


"You have helped us open our eyes to another possible reality, you have shown us the path of real continuous improvement and you do it wearing our colours, understanding our culture and particular circumstances to modify the way we approach projects. That's how I feel about it".


Jon de Lapatza

Managing Director

"Since the start of our collaboration with ASENTA the results could not have been better. We have transformed production operations to achieve major improvements in costs and manufacturing times that enable us to fully meet our customers' current needs and be perfectly prepared for future demands".

Biokit (A Werfern Company)

Pau Planas


“ASENTA has been a key partner in our transformation towards a model of management-by -processes, thanks to their methodology, commitment and experience".


Ander Terradillos

Corporate, Quality and Systems Manager

"The end of the project marked a before and after in our organisation. This would not have been possible without the help of ASENTA, who understood very well the type of organisation and people we are and knew how to adapt the methodology to our needs".


Aitor Belategi

Production Manager

"I've been working for many years with ASENTA and I have to say that it has been a positive experience. Throughout this time, I would highlight that we have not only developed projects which have improved our efficiency, but we have done so with consultants with a wealth of experience and know-how, which makes it easier to obtain results. The general opinion of those involved has been to emphasise the knowledge and experience provided by ASENTA. We will certainly continue to work together".


Javier Amasene

General Manager

"When you think of ASENTA and its people you think of professionalism, experience, clarity... and that connection can only be achieved through effort, perseverance and vision. It is an honour to have been sharing moments with you for more than 25 years".


Fernando Sierra

General Manager

“ASENTA help make things happen. They provide a systematic approach to management that can be readily deployed throughout the organisation and enables you to align organisational behaviour with an inclusive model based on the pillars and principles of business excellence".

Fagor Ederlan

Juan María Palencia

General Manager

"For me, ASENTA and its people have always been a valuable partner. I have benefited from their support throughout my professional career and am still discovering that, behind their simple, forceful and transformational management principles and models, there is a never-ending field of improvement towards success. The personal involvement and good work of its consultants contribute to optimum project development, generating just the right amount of stress in the organization and driving it towards excellence".

Grupo Eroski

Javier Amezaga

General Resources Manager

"ASENTA has helped us not only to work methodically and standard-oriented, but to do so through the people who work in the plant, bringing about a change in the way they see the factory's objectives as part of their day-to-day work. The rigour required in the application of the method has been both a formidable challenge in terms of re-education for our entire organization, and the key to ensuring its sustainability over time".

Grupo Gallo

Jordi Sarroca

Industrial Director

"The tools provided by ASENTA have helped us to grow and change. Through its professionalism and enthusiasm in the deployment of those tools, ASENTA has managed to get all work teams on board, which makes things a lot easier. Their support continues to be essential for me".

Grupo Garnica Plywood

Pedro Garnica


"ASENTA has helped us to refocus our production philosophy, improving it considerably and adapting it to the needs of a market as demanding as the wind power industry. We will continue trusting in ASENTA as one of our main partners in the process of continuous improvement".

Grupo Ingeteam

Alex Belaustegi

Director of Corporate Development

"The Lontana Group would not be where it is today without the close collaboration we have had with ASENTA for the past twenty years. Project by project, we have successfully taken on the concepts of organisational excellence that you so brilliantly transmit".

Grupo Lontana

Felipe Villaño

General Manager

"We consider the ASENTA team to be a strategic partner in management technologies, for the value it brings to our company in the design and development of our management model. Its contribution can be seen in the tangible results we have achieved and in the success of our path towards excellence".

Grupo Microdeco

José Iraolagoitia

General Manager

"The first time the ULMA Group worked with ASENTA was over 20 years ago, since when we have worked together on multiple projects. We have grown together and look forward to continuing to work together for many years. From the outset we were struck by their passion for improvement based on a model and principles they firmly believed in and have always known how to transmit. Many years have passed, many fads and difficult moments, but ASENTA has stayed true to these principles, recognisable in its approaches and credible thanks to the results it has delivered with a successful track record".

Grupo Ulma

Iñaki Gabilondo

General Manager

"My personal and professional experience with ASENTA goes back more than a decade. They understood our business and helped us improve. With their unquestionable credentials based on 25 years of hard work, ASENTA are a first-rate guarantee of quality and service. The high added value they bring to our business fabric is irreplaceable".

Grupo Valvospain

Cristóbal Álvarez


"The support of ASENTA in deploying Lean strategy has transformed our insight and behaviour, to the point that it has become a key approach in improving relationships, the sense of what the company is and our customer focus".

Guardian Europe

Javier García

Ex-Operations Transformation Director

"ASENTA has been the teacher, the trainer, the coach, the examiner and the psychologist behind the organisational change in ICFC for the 21st century. We’re very grateful for what you’ve done".


Guillermo Lamsfus


"ASENTA has been a key partner in the transformation of IZAR towards a new management model based on Lean manufacturing, on the processes of the organisation and on Minicompanies, the development of which is never-ending".

Izar Cutting Tools

Carlos Pujana

Managing Director

"At a time of change in the management of the company, the experience and rigour provided by ASENTA has enabled us to lay the foundations of a project brimful of energy and hope, which will make our journey towards excellence more enjoyable".

Lacor Industria del Menaje

José Javier San Torcuato

Managing Director

"ASENTA offers us its experience and its commitment. The transformation of organisations that have not changed for decades is only possible with a clearly committed Management Team and with the type of support provided by ASENTA, based on transferring their methods to us and on "making do". A reliable partner focused on results and the delivery of objectives, in quality and time".

Liebherr Industrias Metálicas

Gabriel Iturralde

Administrator and Managing Director

"For us, ASENTA is more than a consultancy. They take you by the hand and accompany you all the way".

Liebherr Industrias Metálicas

Helmut Doellerer

Administrator and Managing Director

"Learn to do things differently. That may be the best way to summarise the more than 10 years of our working relationship, during which time I have been fortunate enough to participate in projects led by this great team of professionals. Today, ASENTA has become my go-to consultancy, whom I trust when I really need to take a quantum leap in strategy or some aspect of business management".


Óscar Pérez

Managing Director

"ASENTA has given us system and rigour in management, but has also taught us to pursue excellence, understanding that we must never be satisfied with what we have achieved".

Mondragon Equipamiento

Juan Ángel García

Vice-President and Managing Director of the Equipment Division

"My congratulations to all the ASENTA team for the goals achieved, and my sincere gratitude for all your professional and cordial support over so many years".

MS Motorservice International

Javier Egurrola

Vice President Operations

"We have been working with you for more than 25 years, you are a team of good, honest people, committed to your customers, highly qualified and who have always known how to identify our needs and help us overcome the challenges we have set. When I have been asked by others for my opinion on ASENTA, the answer is very easy: Work with them!".


José Miguel Munilla

Managing Director - CEO

"It has always been a pleasure to work side by side with ASENTA on various projects throughout my professional career. The rationalisation of the management processes that you have helped us to implement are a fundamental tool to guide and lead the teams".

Ros Roca Environment

Pere Petit

Corporate General Manager

"We are a company with almost 100 years of history behind us, where corporate habits and values are deeply rooted and, conversely, profound changes are more difficult to make. For us, ASENTA has been the key that has made change easier, especially in terms of integrating all employees into the company's decision-making structure. It has also been of great help for us to be able to use, in this process of change, a proven and effective method that is leading to a better use of the company's assets".

Sandhar Technologies

Juan Vilar

Managing Director of Aluminium HPDC Division

"ASENTA has a keen eye for understanding what’s going on, which allows them to take great strides forward on the strength of their extensive experience and turn projects into realities. Their toolbox is very versatile and effective and they handle it perfectly. For us, it was an enormous help".


Álvaro Videgain