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15% increase in productivity after industrialisation of processes

The company, focused on the sustainable development and use of forestry resources for wood production and biomass extraction, undergoes a process industrialisation project to standardise its activities, increase safety and reduce variability and costs.

17% reduction in plant costs
15% increase in productivity
54% increase in germination rate
46% reduction in maintenance costs
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  • To control processes through standardisation.
  • To apply techniques of process improvement.
  • To define indicators for day-to-day activity management and improvement.
  • To establish problem-solving techniques.


  • Training in basic concepts of TQM and the elimination of waste.
  • Analysing and improving the current process: ECSC and 3M.
  • Standardising the improved process: operations manual.
  • Deploying standards and improvement activities in the tree nurseries:
    • Losses of effectiveness (OEE) of the seed sower machine.
    • Meetings to monitor indicators in each nursery.
    • Acute problem-solving applying SCRA.
    • Weekly operational meetings.
    • Deployment of autonomous maintenance.
  • Developing problem-solving skills in middle management.
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Systematic problem-solving techniques

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