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80% reduction in lead time of the electrical assembly process

Leading national company in the design, manufacturing and commercialisation of industrial furnaces applies Lean manufacturing principles and tools to reduce the lead time of its electrical assembly process.

50% increase in productivity
-13% area used for manufacturing
80% reduction in lead time in electrical assembly process
-50% reduction in linear metres covered by people
1,4 year payback period
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  • To reduce lead time in electrical assembly process.
  • To increase productivity.
  • To increase delivery time accuracy and visibility.
  • To run a Lean application pilot programme.


  • Assessing the current situation.
  • Current and improved VSM (Value Stream Mapping) for product families.
  • Designing and starting-up a new assembly cell, working with one-piece flow and no waste.
  • Standardising and deploying OOL-5S in the assembly cell.
  • Deploying a very well received suggestion system, with a high degree of employee participation.
  • Submitting results and conclusions to Top Management.
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