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Reduction in the incident rate in Finance Department using CEDAC methodology

Minicompany in the Finance Area of an automotive company (part of a multinational group) uses the CEDAC problem-solving technique to reduce the incident rate in month-end closing.

67% reduction in incident rate in month-end closing
60 users trained in the new way of working
20% reduction in invoicing errors
80% attendance at sessions
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  • Greater involvement of the departments providing information.
  • To reduce the number of incidents in month-end closing to 4 within the following six months.
  • To reduce the percentage rate of invoicing errors to 10% within the following six months.


  • Appointing and launching the project team.
  • Training in basic principles of CEDAC technique for solving chronic / vital problems.
  • Analysing key problems and deploying high-priority improvement actions.
  • Drawing up a Supplier Communication Plan (month-end closing process).
  • Training plan for users and approvers.
  • Deploying operational standards in different areas and departments.
  • Monitoring results and follow-up in Minicompany meetings.
metodologia asenta

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