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Company purpose

A management approach to steer improvement and lead change in organisations by focusing, bringing together and mobilising everybody in the same direction

A process of reflection by the management team to clearly express the singularity of its company purpose, using a clear, concise and basic statement that reflects the identity of the organisation, defining its vision and aspirations and the values guiding its way of acting.

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  • The True-North reference for strategic reflection, providing guidance and focus.
  • Creation of a shared vision and a common language among the people of an organisation.
  • Enhanced team cohesion and a culture of excellence.
  • Provision of an inspiring and referential framework to design processes related to people management.
  • Channel for participation and improvement of communication in the company.


  • Designing the participation-based process and its working dynamics.
  • Conducting a workshop to draw up a mission statement of the organisation, explaining what we’re here to do and how we’ll do it.
  • Drawing up a vision statement of the organisation as a never-ending aspiration of what we want to become, and identifying the values which define our way of working.
  • Providing guidance on how to communicate and deploy the company purpose throughout the organisation.
  • Giving support in regularly assessing the level of progress and accomplishment of the company purpose.
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metodologia asenta

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