metodologia plan estrategia

Strategy plan

Strategic framework and economic plan

After a process of strategic reflection, a document is drawn up defining the strategic framework of the organisation together with economic forecasts for the next 3-5 years.

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  • Enables decision making.
  • Formulates strategies and objectives.
  • Provides a shared vision and a unity of purpose amongst the key people of the organisation.
  • Rationalises investments.


  • Implementing a systematic process of team-based reflection.
  • Conducting a strategic analysis of the current situation.
  • Clarifying company priorities.
  • Setting up a balanced scorecard.
  • Rolling out the plan in the organisation.
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Deployment of objectives

Method to turn strategy into action and leading the improvement process of the organisation.
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metodologia asenta

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Balanced scorecard

A management control tool which displays and correlates the objectives of the organisation with its different strategic priorities, using a set of interlinked indicators, with the end objective of helping to deliver strategy.
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