metodologia despliegue objetivos

Deployment of objectives

Method to turn strategy into action and leading the improvement process of the organisation

Based on approach, integration and consensus around key objectives and their effective deployment down to the shop floor throughout the organisation.

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  • Systemises the management process.
  • Coordinates efforts and resources for improvement.
  • Drives and unites the whole organisation around business priorities.
  • Contributes to improvement at all levels.
  • Provides a shared vision, systematic approach and common language in the organisation.


  • Clarifying priority strategies.
  • Identifying and defining improvement objectives.
  • Drawing up action plans, using a 7-stage method.
  • Designing the balanced scorecard.
  • Systematically following up on objectives at all levels.
metodologia asenta

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Strategy plan

After a process of strategic reflection, a document is drawn up defining the strategic framework of the organisation together with economic forecasts for the next 3-5 years.
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metodologia asenta

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Balanced scorecard

A management control tool which displays and correlates the objectives of the organisation with its different strategic priorities, using a set of interlinked indicators, with the end objective of helping to deliver strategy.
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