metodologia gestion competencia

Competence management

A system to manage competence and skills development throughout the organisation

The technical and management competences and personal skills required for effective performance are identified on the basis of the organisation’s needs.

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  • Develops the organisational competences required by the business model of the organisation.
  • Improves people selection and performance appraisal processes.
  • Improves training management in the organisation, with an emphasis on team activities.
  • Clarifies expectations and improves employee alignment with business objectives.
  • Defines specific people development plans based on performance requirements.


  • Identifying the organisational competences required in line with the business strategy.
  • Clarifying the organisational structure and what each job needs to contribute.
  • Identifying and defining the competences required and the key related actions.
  • Developing the process for assessing existing competences.
  • Drawing up personal development plans, with both individual and group activities.
metodologia asenta

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metodologia asenta

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