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Project management

Methodology for the efficient management of the different types of projects undertaken in companies, meeting agreed quality, cost and delivery (QCD) targets

To efficiently perform a set of activities required to achieve a certain result, within the planned time frame and meeting agreed quality and cost targets.

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  • Reduces deviations in quality, cost and delivery, with clear and proper project definition.
  • Improves the planning process, applying support techniques.
  • Involves people from different functions and with different skills.
  • Balances resources between daily activity and improvement.
  • Optimises resources, managing risk and external factors.


  • Training in basic concepts of project management.
  • Identifying key factors in project management:
    • organisational structure
    • process definition
    • indicators
    • project portfolio management
    • scope definition
  • Structuring the project phases: definition, planning, roll-out, control and monitoring and closure.
  • Integrating the human factor into project management.
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Success stories

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Design and implementation of a new model of project management in a multinational company in the railway sector

A Spanish company which designs, manufactures, maintains and supplies equipment and components for railway systems worldwide, with core business based on managing large-scale projects (from 50 to 400 million euros, with a project lifetime of 3 to 5 years).
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