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Supplier development

Building partnerships with suppliers to compete better in the global market

Drawing up a framework for long-term partnership with suppliers, with shared objectives and joint-involvement in improvement projects of common interest.

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  • Reduces overall costs, delivery times and inventories.
  • Improves the ability to react to market changes.
  • Enhances overall competitiveness in a global market.
  • Lessens the difficulties associated with a customer-supplier relationship.


  • Establishing a framework for stable relations with suppliers.
  • Introducing supplier selection.
  • Preparing supplier assessment systems.
  • Introducing supplier assessment.
  • Drawing up improvement plans and cooperation schemes to develop partnerships.
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Success stories

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Improving the production system of a key supplier

After detecting quality problems in the products received from a strategic supplier, the company rolled out a production system improvement plan with the participation of key people from both the customer and the supplier.
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