metodologia proyecto empresa

Assessment and continuous improvement of people engagement in multinational company

Multinational company leader in its sector deploys a system to assess and improve the commitment of its employees.

87% involvement of 87% of staff
120 a questionnaire with 120 customised items
11 priority action areas analysed
35 improvement actions implemented
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  • To measure the degree of people engagement.
  • To strengthen competitiveness by increasing engagement.
  • To set up a model for measuring and improving the level of people engagement.


  • Customising conditions to promote engagement based on the ASENTA model.
  • Designing the assessment method, using a 120-item questionnaire.
  • Processing and tabulation of tiered results.
  • Identifying key drivers:
    • of motivation and demotivation;
    • of satisfaction and dissatisfaction; and
    • of engagement and disengagement.
  • Obtaining an overall engagement rating of employees.
  • Analysing the main areas for improvement and actions to be taken.
  • Defining a system to assess and continuously improve people engagement.
metodologia proyecto empresa

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