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Automotive company increases the capacity of its key manufacturing cell by 250%

An automotive company which manufactures and markets laminated windscreens for automotive spare parts manages to produce increasingly shorter series of a wider variety of products using Lean methodology.

250% increase in cell capacity
280% increase in cell productivity
70% reduction in start-up and stopping time
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  • To redesign and define the micro-layout of the cell, standardising and balancing out the tasks to be performed.
  • To increase capacity to meet target demand.


  • Launching the project and assessing the current situation.
  • Reviewing the current micro layout of the area.
  • 3M (Muri/Overburden, Mura/Unevenness, Muda/Waste) analysis.
  • Balancing out tasks, work cycles and standard operations.
  • Cardboard Engineering test run.
  • Suggestions from line operators.
  • Defining production levelling and adjusting to demand.
  • Implementing definitive production means.
  • Management approval and capacity confirmation.
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