metodologia lean service

Implementation of Lean Service in a distribution company

A leading national multi-format product retailer (food, textiles, footwear, household appliances, etc.) applies Lean Service principles and tools to reduce the lead time of its processes and improve service rates to sales points.

-35% in lead time of product range process
-45% in lead time of the promotion process
-33% in lead time for launching own brands
-75% in incidents in stores
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  • To reduce the lead time of the processes carried out at a centralized level.
  • To dispatch balanced and error-free shipments to stores.


  • Assessing the current situation.
  • Analysing and improving key process value streams.
  • Overall planning of shipments to stores.
  • Organisational changes to streamline process flow.
  • Organising people into teams around process flow.
  • Creating zero-waste physical flow in work teams.
metodologia lean service

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