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Automotive company saves €2,43 million/year by applying Lean principles and tools

Deployment of Lean principles and tools promotes a new and more efficient style of management.

+€2M /year in savings
30% reduction of breaks in process
63% reduction in scrap
68% reduction in stock of finished product
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  • To reduce costs.
  • To get everyone involved in improving quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Availability of reliable process information and data in real time.
  • To improve communication between different company areas.


  • Launching the project and assessing the current situation.
  • Deploying the Kaizen approach to improve management:
    • Daily management cycle (SDCA).
    • Weekly operational management cycle (PDCA).
    • Problem-solving techniques (SCRA / CEDAC).
  • Improving organisation, order and cleanliness at workstations by applying 5S principles.
  • Using Kamishibai boards as a tool to reinforce compliance with standards.
  • Reporting project results and lessons learned Top Management.
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Lean Manufacturing

Adjustment to demand using minimum resources and continuously eliminating waste.
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Based on team analysis of indicators and on systematic resolution of process incidents in two improvement cycles (SDCA-PDCA): short cycle, on a shift or daily basis; and long cycle, on a weekly or monthly basis.
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5S - Greater productivity - A better workplace

A basic discipline to promote the culture of improvement in the organisation, based on people ownership, to improve their workplace environment by systematically applying the 5S-based OOC (Organisation, Order and Cleanliness) method.
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