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Lean application workshops reduce delivery time in production processes by 75%

Shipbuilding company brings about radical change in its processes by engaging its people in Kaizen workshops with ASENTA.

75% reduction in delivery time
75% reduction in working capital
20% of space freed up
55% reduction in the distance travelled by the product
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  • To apply Lean methodology in building processes.
  • To reduce lead time and working capital.
  • To engage staff in improvement activities.


  • Analysing the current situation:
    • Analysing the material and information flow.
    • Identifying waste and its root causes.
    • Quantifying improvement potential (quick wins)
  • Improvement workshops:
    • Cutting and rolling lines.
    • Eliminating waiting times and conveying of “pull” demand.
    • Change of sequence in tracing and marking operations.
  • Quantifying results and presenting conclusions to Management.
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Based on team analysis of indicators and on systematic resolution of process incidents in two improvement cycles (SDCA-PDCA): short cycle, on a shift or daily basis; and long cycle, on a weekly or monthly basis.
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