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Glass manufacturing company saves €300k/year by applying Lean strategy

Company belonging to a well-known multinational in the glass sector, which manufactures and markets plate glass for all types of buildings and with a worldwide customer base, applies Lean principles and tools in an orderly way to adapt to the new culture and at the same time improve the effectiveness of its main production processes, thus producing in a just-in-time manner and at the lowest possible costs.

16% Improvement in OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) in Coating Area
80% Reduction in glass losses
62 New standards of cleanliness and visual control
25% Reduction in maintenance downtime
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  • Consistent and real-time data acquisition:
    • To improve line effectiveness (OEE).
    • To create a defects catalogue.
    • Scheduled plant maintenance.
  • To improve communication between the two main processes.
  • To reduce costs by applying corporate culture.
  • To introduce appropriate routines into daily activities.


  • Improving activities as part of day-to-day management:
    • Daily management cycle (SDCA)
    • Weekly operational management cycle (PDCA)
    • Problem-solving techniques (SCRA / CEDAC)
  • Improving organisation, order and cleanliness (Sort, Set in Order and Shine) by applying 5S
  • principles at workstations.
  • ABC identification and classification of machinery.
  • Applying TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) at plant shutdown.
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Based on team analysis of indicators and on systematic resolution of process incidents in two improvement cycles (SDCA-PDCA): short cycle, on a shift or daily basis; and long cycle, on a weekly or monthly basis.
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5S - Greater productivity - A better workplace

A basic discipline to promote the culture of improvement in the organisation, based on people ownership, to improve their workplace environment by systematically applying the 5S-based OOC (Organisation, Order and Cleanliness) method.
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Improving the effectiveness of plant and facilities

Based on people involvement in process control and systematic reduction in breakdowns.
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